Stationary wind machine is a product used in order not to be affected by frost events that negatively affect and influence agricultural areas. Thousands of billions of dollars of farmers are damaged every year due to frost events. To prevent these damages, frost propellers are produced. Among the frost propellers produced by our company, they are offered for sale in fixed models to be used in certain areas. In particular, there is a decrease in temperatures at certain times during the day. With the decrease in temperature, agricultural products are greatly damaged and agricultural productivity decreases. You can choose frost propellers from our company in order to provide agricultural efficiency and not to damage the products.


Stationary Wind Machine Advantages
Some products are preferred to protect from frost events. Fixed frost propeller provides many advantages to farmers. These; with these propellers

Dust and pollen transfer process of flowers is shortened.
It is used for cooling.
It is used for sunburns on fruits and vegetables.
It is also preferred to prevent the air in the gardens and fields from waking up early by cooling it.
It is used to dry the fruits on the branch.
With the propellers used in areas such as gardens, fields and greenhouses, you can prevent your products from being damaged by adverse weather conditions in autumn and winter.

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