GENER is Turkey's first agricultural wind machine manufacturer.

Our vision is to exist as an innovative brand that is reliable, sensitive to the environment and nature in the agricultural sector. To ensure sustainable growth; create value for our employees, suppliers, customers and society; It is among our priorities to constantly improve ourselves by preserving our innovative spirit. It is our responsibility to leave a green and clean world to future generations while meeting the present needs of society.


Our mission is to reduce the foreign dependency of our country in this field by producing high value-added products in Turkey and to become a leading brand in the market as the first agricultural wind machine manufacturer in Turkey.


Working with standards based on trust and business ethics is the basic principle of our institution.

We see and evaluate the changing needs, competitive market trends and opportunities of our customers and adapt to the rapidly changing and developing conditions and we aim to maintain our business focus at all times.

The attention we show to integrity and continuity in quality, as well as our customer and consumer-oriented approach, our rapid response to their demands and needs are the reason for our company to be a pioneer in the sector.

We are pleased to be in a structure that always emphasizes the importance of cooperation and teamwork in order to value different perspectives and achieve common goals.

While doing our business, we focus on continuous improvement and take care to use our time and resources in the most effective and efficient way.

We feel responsible to our customers, colleagues and society and lead the way in creating a safe, reliable and sustainable environment wherever we operate.

We are pleased to be an institution that cares about, develops and trusts its employees.