In general, portable frost propeller is used to dry or cool the fruit on the branch before harvesting, and to increase the life of your fruit. It is also used in the hottest days of the summer to prevent milk and meat loss exceeding 15% and to dry the faeces quickly. In addition, it increases the fruit quality by controlling the relative humidity and temperature in the garden.

By interfering with the ambient humidity and temperature, fruit twinning is prevented. It lowers the ambient humidity and dries out your trees to provide fungal control. All mobile frost propellers produced and offered for sale in our company are manufactured using the latest quality materials.
Mobile fans can provide ambient cooling when desired, suppress heat build-up and provide temporary savings to the manufacturer.

For example, in February, which is warmer than seasonal normals, early awakening of trees can be prevented by providing cooling in the garden on the hottest days. Being able to balance the imbalances in nature is already a frost struggle in itself. As a company, we sell mobile frost propellers at economical prices.

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